If you’ve made good progress towards weight loss or achieving your cycling goals keep up the good work with your power meter. Why let your cycling fitness fade away this fall when you can continue your progress?

As we move into the new fall season it will get colder, wetter, darker, and harder to ride. If we get focused early and set new expectations, we can have a successful fall and winter. This will help set us up for a great 2014. One of the ways we can assure success is building a training plan and plugging the workouts into our power meters. Today, we’ll dig into exactly how to build those workouts into your iBike power meter.

Before we begin, the iBike Newton power meter comes loaded with pre-programmed workouts . Click the link to see how to launch pre-programmed workouts on your power meter. The preprogrammed workouts cover: fat burning, cardio fitness, and strength. If you’ve already completed a fitness test, the Newton uses those results to base the intensity from If you’re looking for something slightly different from the training rides available on your power meter, then iBike is easily programmable.

It’s easy to build through Isaac ride analysis software.

In Isaac, select Device and Edit Intervals. Click the New Set button on the left side of the screen. First, you’ll need to name your workout, and then plug in the target watts, work time, and rest time for each interval. The Copy Step, New Step, and Delete Step buttons on the ride side of the screen help you build the rest. After the workout is built, click the Send to iBike button (be sure your Newton is connected), followed by the Accept button to save and exit the Edit Interval screen. That’s it.

iBike Isaac Custom Workout Screen Shot

Now that the workout has been sent to the Newton all that’s left to do is ride. Complete your warm up then access the workout in FIT TRAIN, the same place as the preprogrammed workouts (press and hold the right arrow). Using the right and left arrows, select iB3 to find the workout you built. To select your workout, push the center arrow button. Let the fun begin!

By the way, if you are working with a coach, have them download a free copy of Isaac so you they can view your ride files and build your interval work sets for you. They can send you the file for you to Import directly into Isaac (Import button on the left). You can then send the workout to your Newton, using the Send to iBike button.

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