January 26, 2018 Dustin Porter

iBike POWERHOUSE and iBike Dash+Power: A Complete Cycling Fitness System

Have you reached the goals in your training that you expected to hit at this point? That’s a harsh but very real question we should ask ourselves. Since we’re committed to getting lean, fit and fast, we must be willing to analyze our progress. If you are somewhat less than satisfied with where you’re at then I’d suggest taking a serious look at your plan.

Bike Training – Volume, Intensity, and Frequency

Consider the fundamentals of training. There’s a general proven progression for optimal success. It involves 3 workout components: Volume, Intensity, and Frequency. Volume is the quantity of miles you ride per month, intensity is how fast or hard you work during those miles, and frequency is how often you ride per day, week or month.

Those who are hell bent on designing their own training; there are some excellent books to help you put a plan together. A few authors I like are Chris Carmichael and Hunter Allen. Each coach has a slightly different adaptation but the progression is similar, in that they each focus on building and aerobic base, followed by strength, then speed. If your goal is weight loss, the system will vary further still, to maximize caloric burn and fat loss.

A Complete Cycling Fitness System

If you’ve come to the conclusion that it may be easier to lean on a professional for developing a successful plan then you may want to check out the iBike POWERHOUSE. The POWERHOUSE, coupled with the iBike Dash+Power, turns your iPhone into a complete power meter and bike fitness system. The combination gives us a coach in a box and a way to measure our progress. The POWERHOUSE combines everything we need in one condensed package; a measuring device and most important a proven plan! (Written by Hunter Allen). iBike power meters also have a built in fitness test protocol to guide you through setting up a baseline.

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