November 26, 2017 Dustin Porter

Cycling Training: Fall Riding- Getting Ready For The Rain

If you want to continue your cycling training then you better get ready! The fall is here and with it comes the rain. Our friends in Colorado can confirm that and so can us Portlandians!. . .I know, I don’t want to think about it either but ignoring it won’t make it go away. Instead, we need to prepare and embrace it. (Well, at least prepare.)
After growing up in San Diego where rain is a rare occurrence, I get fired up while riding in the rain. That’s still true after three and a half years of living up here in Portland, Oregon. An old friend of mine used to say “if it ‘aint rainin’, you ‘aint trainin’.” I think that sums it up for me. I believe I’m getting a psychological advantage on my “competition” when I’m out getting it done on those nasty days. I visualize people being warm and cozy by the fire while eating donuts and getting soft, making them easy pickings when it comes time to ride hard. It’s a little mental game I play to stay motivated. Maybe something like that will help you too.

On those days when you’re braving the storm, it’s important to have the right gear. Being cold and wet can make for a horrible experience. The most critical piece is a dependable and breathable jacket. These brands are well respected and proven; Showers Pass, Gore and Castelli.

Keep in mind that good rain gear is not cheap. But you do get what you pay for. Along with a good jacket you may want to consider; thermal tights, helmet cover, full finger gloves, booties, and blinking lights for your bike. Sometimes, visibility through the windshield is poor so we mind as well plan to be super visible. Also, If you’re riding with others you should pick up some fenders. That’s something new I learned about out here in the Pac Northwest. Your friends will thank you.

The right gear also includes an iBike power meter. I’m confident that my iBike Newton will hold up to anything Mother Nature can throw at you. I’ve experienced how sturdy these devices are first hand after a few years up here in Portland, OR, through snow, crazy hard rain, and hail.

The season is once again approaching, where we must fix our fenders and steal our minds to stay motivated and fit. If it helps to get you through the ride, know that these are the days that character and tenacity is built. It will all pay off in the spring!

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