August 26, 2017 Dustin Porter

Suomy Spec 1R Helmet

The Suomy Spec 1R Pitt helmet is the motorcycle helmet I had my eyes set on for about a month before I bough my R6. I work for an online power sports retailer so I knew that I could get one for a really good deal. I also new not to make a squid move and buy a new sportbike helmet just for the looks. I already pulled a squid move the first time I bought a dirt bike helmet. The thing was an HJC and it was all nice and shiny and cost me a couple hundred bucks. After I went down the first time that new HJC didn’t look so good and my head didn’t feel that great either. I wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice so I took so careful consideration looking into Shoei, Arai, Suomy and AGV. I knew they were all the most expensive but I’m willing to pay the money for a new helmet if the helmet is the total package. In the end I went with the Suomy Spec 1R because the Arai didn’t fit well, the Shoei felt bulky and the AGV was uncomfortable to me.

The Suomy Spec 1R helmet is very light, weighing in at just about 2lbs, 13oz. Suomy helmets are made with three different shell designs so that depending on your helmet size you can get the correct fitting. The inner shell is formed with an ultra light Kevlar/fiberglass weave.

As far as safety standards go, Suomy likes to use the phrase, “When Snell just isn’t enough” because Suomy helmets are the only helmets to offer both DOT approval and B.S.I 6658 Type A. Suomy went with the British Safety Institute for its safety ratings. B.S.I. 6658 Type A standard is based on voluntary participation, the approval also guarantees a universally race-approved helmet.

Suomy offers 10 different shields including 3 race shields with posts. The shield that comes with the helmet lasted me for about 3 months until I got sick of it and went to a light smoke shield. The stock clear shield really works well but I just wanted something to dim the sun during the day. The Suomy Spec 1R is equipped with the sure lock visor mechanism that locks the visor into place. Suomy does provide a special tool for shield removal and side plate removal. When I got my light smoke shield I was able to put it on the helmet in minute or so, very straight forward. All Suomy shields claim to be anti-fog and scratch resistant. So far so good with both of the shields I have.

I didn’t have any ear plugs the first time I rode with the Spec 1R, and still the wind noise wasn’t bad at all. I like my helmets to be very tight fit but even with the visor up wind noise isn’t a big problem. One thing that is really nice is the inner liner that comes with the helmet, it’s adjustable, removable and washable, so for those of you who ride everyday you can wash those smells out. Cheek pads are removable and washable as well.

The only thing that I was skeptical about was the clear coat on the beautiful design. To my surprise the Spec 1R’s paint job is still as shiny as the day I bough it, over 6 months ago. One thing to be careful about is always clean the helmet. When cleaning try to lightly buff the clear coat with a polishing cloth. I used the helmet bag that came with the helmet along with a diaper soft cloth and that has kept the Spec 1R looking really nice.

Wrapping up the Suomy Spec 1R package is a nice little helmet bag that also doubles as a cleaning cloth if you turn it inside out. To sum up this review, if your serious about having excellent protection with good features than I would definitely suggest the Suomy Spec 1R.

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