August 26, 2017 Dustin Porter

New Disc Brake for Mountain Bike / Brake Force One

These cyclists who are rummaging frequently in cycling magazines,will perhaps heard something of the new high-tech disc brake. The Brake Force One, which is by the way produced in Germany – more precisely in Tübingen – will set new standards in terms of braking power.

Mountainbike Disc Brake

This was made possible by a completely new principle of the brake booster. The brake booster is placed in the calipers of disc brakes and allows comfortable one-finger braking. For achiving the maximum braking performance or for achieving a good braking handling , several test runs are needed (same as with several other bicycle brakes).

Brake grinding belongs with this completely new type of disc brakes to the past, because the brake pads are actively retracted and the resulting air gap prevents an annoying whistling.

Mountain Bike Disc Brake

The brake is made without the usual reservoir for disc brakes. An influence on the pressure point or even the brake performance is the result of the great master piston and the great air play but have not. The pad wear is adjusted manually via the thumb wheel on the brake lever.

Below, you can find the technical data of the Brake Force One disc brake. Finally, we can say that the Brake Force One will set a new milestone within the bike parts, because it’s performance has been thoroughly tested by cyclists and test reports (for example, Velotech) reflected the braking performance too.

  • Integrated brake booster
  • Dose-dependent way rather than force-based dosing
  • Without reservoir with low pressure
  • Deceleration is very easy to dose
  • Brake pads are actively retracted –
  • any abrasive pads!
  • Brake oil
  • Weight 210 g without discs
  • Specially adapted to brake booster pads
  • More brake lever at the comfort of rubber
  • Extremely simple and robust construction
  • High reliability under extreme loads
  • Pressure point and reach adjust
  • No more cramped hands thanks to a loose one-finger brakes
  • Stiff, sturdy saddle
  • Best test results on the test bench

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