August 26, 2017 Dustin Porter

Great Find – MotoGadget

Historically, I have felt that my Internet research skills have been pretty good – and a pretty big part of how I earn a living is being able to find and analyse information.

As such I have relished the challenge of finding some of the more obscure parts and accessories for my project. It seems, as in many projects and artistic endeavours, the artisans involved have a variety of approaches – some are very open and willing to share, whilst others are very protective of their methods and suppliers.

I also get the impression that some of the more successful builders get a large number of enquiries from amateur builders like me, asking for advice and information, and probably don’t have time to respond, despite best intentions.

So how do we overcome this? By improving our attention to detail. I picked up a brand on a gauge from a photo of a Wrenchmonkees bike…and although this is a long story for a short link, it’s a good one –

Really nice all in one gauges, mini gauges, mirror gauges, and very neat switches and disc brakes. Some are expensive, but I think I can see the value, and to me they are neater and more stylish than the other solution I was contemplating – Acewell Gauges.


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